2017 Stetson Scholarship

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Scholarship Program Summary

   The Scholarship Committee awards 2-3 scholarships a year to students of any age who are enrolled full-time in a program of higher education, demonstrate academic achievement and financial need, and meet the eligibility requirements outlined below.

   They are:

   1) The Arthur W. Stetson Scholarship. An annual scholarship awarded from the

        endowment established in memory of Arthur W. Stetson, to be selected by the

        SKOA Scholarship Committee.

   2) The Stetson Kindred of America General Scholarship. One or two annual

        scholarships may be awarded from this fund, in the name of the corporation, to

        applicants selected by the SKOA Scholarship Committee.

   3) The Cornet Robert and Honour Stetson Scholarship. This scholarship is

        restricted to a graduating senior from Norwell High School and is awarded to a

        worthy student selected by the Norwell High School guidance staff.

   The amount of each scholarship varies depending on available funds, but awards are usually in the area of $300-$500 per recipient. Awards in 2016 were for $500 each, and we expect that to be about the same for 2017.

Eligibility Requirements

   1) Must be a full-time student enrolled in a degree or certificate program in higher

       education or training at an accredited college, post-secondary or career/vocational


   2) Must have completed high school. High school seniors are eligible but must provide

       proof of admission and intent to matriculate if they plan to enter their first year at an

       accredited college or vocational institution.

   3) Applicants may be of any age; there is no upper age limit.

   4) Repeat applications will only be considered if adequate funds are available. Repeat

       applicants must submit current transcripts and references. The maximum number of

       scholarships awarded to any one person is limited to two.

Application Requirements

   1) A completed, signed and dated Application for Scholarship must be received by the

       Scholarship Committee no later than June 1. Applicants must use the proper form

       which can be found on the SKOA website at thestetsonkindred.wordpress.com or

       submissions will not be considered. If you wish to have one mailed to you, you may

       call or e-mail the Committee Chair listed on page 2 of these instructions. If using

       e-mail, please indicate “Scholarship Application Request” in the subject line.

SKOA Scholarship Application Instructions page 2

   2) Application Attachment Checklist for Applicants:

       1. High school transcript (for HS seniors), OR college transcript (for matriculating

           students) sent directly from the school. (Student photocopy acceptable.)

       2. Proof of admission acceptance and intent to matriculate; OR proof of current

           Matriculation (most recent grade transcript, “official” copy not required).

       3. Statement of Career Goals and Interests.

       4. Two letters of reference from sources other than family or SKOA members,

           one of which must be academic, sent directly by the author to the Scholarship

           Committee Chair. Letters must be on appropriate business letterhead and/or

           have a return address and current contact information.


Submission Timeline

   Applications are accepted starting March 1 of any given year, and must be received no later than June 1. Selected recipients will be notified by the Scholarship Committee in early August, and the awards announced at the Annual Meeting of the Membership at The Homestead, Stetson Shrine Lane, Norwell on the third Sunday in August.

Submission of Application and Supporting Documentation

  All applications must be received no later than June 1, and supporting documentation no later than June 30 for consideration of a scholarship award in August of that year. Please list any supporting documentation that will be sent separately at the bottom of page 2 of the application. Applicants will be notified when their application is received. It is the student’s responsibility to insure their application is complete, signed and dated, and to perform appropriate follow-up to insure all reference letters and transcripts have been received by the Scholarship Committee by the set deadlines. If you move/change your mailing/e-mail address and/or phone number, please be sure to notify us of the change so we can contact you, or your application may be considered abandoned.


Applications with incomplete documentation will not be considered.

All applications, transcripts and references should be mailed to:

Linda Brooks, Chair
SKOA Scholarship Committee
214 Musket Lane
Locust Grove, VA 22508

   If you have any questions or wish to have an application form mailed to you, please contact:
Linda Brooks at lbrooks46@yahoo.com, or call 540-972-9640.